suttas to be read in near future

Frank's planned reading list:


MN 148: I think piya's version has all the ellisions filled out, I didn't take a super detailed look yet.

I used the online wordcount tool:
I cut+paste Ajahn T version and Piya version to compare:

Ajahn T: about 2850 words
Piya: about 8400 words. A fair amount of that is footnotes on each page, so let's trim 1/3 and call it about 5500 words.
librivox estimates 30min for 4000 words, so Ajahn T's version I think I can read in about 25min, Piya's version would take over an hour, I'd probably have to break it into 3 recording sessions.

I'll record Ajahn T's version sometime in Dec, Piya's version... don't know when.


3 similes on dangers of pride and conceit with regard to fame and fortune, offerings.

simile of cloth. Bharadvaja becomes arahant shortly after.

Khemaka: He gave such a good dhamma talk he talked himself from non-returner into arahantship, along with 60 other companions.

I'll probably read Piya's version first, since it has diacritics

5 types of warriors

mn 3 (piya tan's version)