Translator: Thanissaro  sutta text

Read by  rdrbkh ,  0min 30s  
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recorded on month day 2011


Checklist for creating a sutta index entry webpage to add to this site

1. enter translator info, change sutta text link to point to direct web sutta page, such as accesstoinsight.org/.../
2. select appropriate reader, grab link to reader bio page from
3. change length of audio file (playing time min, sec)
4. indicate name of the file, then upload audio file to the subdir in the template link
5. enter date recording was made

The entire process for reading, recording, releasing sutta to the world.

You can mark and copy the text from this page   checklist   
 and use it as a template when starting a new recording project in the "work in progress" area. Since the check list is likely to be revised periodically best to check that link rather than copying the steps from a previous work-in-progress project.