SN 35.247: Chappāṇaka (six animals)


~7 min. audio
Needs proof listening

Read in one pass, made one mistake which I marked for later deletion edit by adding a long 5 second pause to see easily in audacity later on. Deleted a noise spike click right at the beginning when I turned on the record button, which would have prevented normalization from boosting audio fully. Zoom H2 recorder mounted on camera tripod, about 18in from my mouth, 6 inches below.
Reading sutta text off my smart phone. Having to use finger to slide text regularly to scroll text prevents the screen saver from turning off on me unexpectedly.  Don't want to waste paper by printing, can't use laptop because the cpu fan is often noisy, and worried about laptop electrical noise interference inducing noise in recording.

Added all proper licensing info in ID3 tags.

Working out process, pipeline, proof listening checklist.

prooflistening checklist
no more than 0.5 - 1 second silence at beginning
no less than 5 seconds of silence at end (to give good "quiet" sample for noise removal algorithms and pause between chapters)
normalized volume (in audacity, average volume level between + and -0.5)
not too much background noise
ID3 tags: "comment" section should contain the creative commons license title, a hyperlink to details of it, the translator's copyright and hyperlinks to it if exists.

word check against sutta text here:
I haven't proofed it, but I believe there are no mistakes. I added the word "similarly" sometimes where there was elided text

audio file is named sn35_247_than_spkfrankk_normalized.mp3 in a parallel subdir to this file

Proof listener(s) please edit this file and add comments, and suggestions for corrections, or if it "passed".

Rest of the PL discussion takes place in the comments below