Translator: Thanissaro  sutta text

Read by frank_k,  11min 20s  
(name of the audio file in that subdir)

recorded on March 12,  2011

recorded on zoom h2, 6" from mouth, windscreen USB mode audacity.
7 mistakes (repeats) in 11min, deleted in post process pretty quickly, in about 5 minutes.

Did a self word-perfect PL, found 3 or 4 minor errors"
1. extraneous "many" before manifold - waveform not easy to splice out the "many", so I left it.
2. a couple of wrong prepositions, "as" instead of "for", or an extraneous "the", which didn't affect meaning and I didn't realize i made those mistakes as I read it.

Need a standard PL. Constructive criticism welcome, especially on correct pronuncation of Pali words.


The entire process for reading, recording, releasing sutta to the world.

You can mark and copy the text from this page   checklist   
 and use it as a template when starting a new recording project in the "work in progress" area. Since the check list is likely to be revised periodically best to check that link rather than copying the steps from a previous work-in-progress project.