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Translator: Thanissaro  sutta text

Read by frank_k,  7min 30s  8.8MB (2 min of footnotes after sutta)
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recorded on 3/8/2011

~7min long
Made about 5 mistakes, mispronunciation. First time reading sutta off of my laptop, which has a noisy cpu fan that tends to kick on for minutes at a time for no discernible reason (even when house temperature is like 60 deg).

You'll notice a background hiss for about the first 3 minutes, then it's gone, almost no background noise afterwards. You might hear an occasionally click of the keyboard as I use downarrow key to scroll down sutta

I forgot to say the "samyutta nikaya " intro, so I had to record it and splice it into the original. It integrated fairly smoothly.

On the self PL (proof listen): I said "and" instead of "in" in one place, doesn't change the meaning.

At 2:15 messed up the word "approving" in post process by altering the wave form too drastically. So I'm going to cut "approving" which is repeated at 2:57 and paste it in teh area where I messed it up.

NOt happy with the post processed result so doing a new recording.
new recording: 3 mistakes made, manifesting as repeated phrases to be deleted in audacity in post process.

3/8/2011: did a word perfect proof read on myself, 3 or 4 places I made minor mistake such as saying "toward" instead of "to", didn't alter meaning of text so I left it in, it would be a real pain to re-record a third time. 2 or 3 times I tripped slightly on a word, not enough to affect comprehension. The biggest mistake I made was in one of the places where the text says "has totally ended", I only said, "ended". This is be really hard to fix in post process, it would require an entire re-record.


After uploading it, downloading on my cel phone and listening to it,
I found another couple of minor errors, so a re-record is necessary.

Normally I've only been making about one mistake for every 10 minutes of
reading when reading B.Bodhi's translations, but Ven. Thanissaro's translations are
tripping me up because many phrases are constructed in a way, probably intended to be faithful to the literal grammatical and word translation of the pali, but in english are very awkward to speak. Try reading this sutta out loud, you'll see what I mean.

re-recorded, self proof listened (wordperfect) and released to
this project is closed

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