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Translator: Thanissaro  sutta text

Read by frank_k,  5min 43s  download 5.3MB (name of the audio file and where it resides)

recorded on 3/8/2011
using logitech 20$ wand desktop USB

* proof listen:  request someone to help proof listen
* make any corrections if necessary to "pass" proof listen.
* This part is tricky so probably hand off to BC or MC to do that part for most readers. The filename you save and ID3 tags for mp3 file should be set according to the specifications described in  id3 tag settings   and for filename file naming conventions + ID3 tags

* mp3 file is ready for release once some databases have been updated to point to the new sutta.

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The entire process for reading, recording, releasing sutta to the world.

You can mark and copy the text from this page   checklist   
 and use it as a template when starting a new recording project in the "work in progress" area. Since the check list is likely to be revised periodically best to check that link rather than copying the steps from a previous work-in-progress project.