to do list

finish release MN8 pending outcome of 112kbps sample

transition from .com to .org


  • search for in search bar

the blog

Pages that possibly should be deleted or moved

  • (I think we are phasing out the language sub folders and I think that is what this is)
  • I think this should move to the wiki:
  • Perhaps this page could be eliminated and turned into a real template


  • changed profile to point to .org, still waiting for twitter to update and make changes visible

completed items

  • google analytics account set up for should show activity within 24 hrs, by 4/22/11.
  • blog: new posting template should all point to
  • homepage seems to be completely clean. Checked source code. ~BKh
  • 5 superlists didn't transition well. they all hyperlink back to the .com site ~BKh
  • need to change "" refs in scheduled posts and ones already live. ~BKh
  • twitter: added "" - it works. -frn
  • our facebook page: posted on the "wall" with the team profile account. seems to work! The trick is you first have to go to that page and click "like" before it shows you the option to post on the wall.
  • subdomains and exist and work.  
  • subdomains blog, pl, forum, have been added. The advantage of using them in our links is if we ever change locations, for example from googlegroups to a real message board, we only have to change the one subdomain redirect and everything will still work.
  • our conctact page has changed to reflect the facebook "page' rather than the old profile. 
  • frn needs to fix id3 tag templates for audacity and upload to wiki